Monday, October 31, 2011

Adaption of Typical Pizza Dough with Increased Whole Grain and Stiff Sourdough Starter

I am getting my MS in nutrition, and we all know that we should be eating as many whole grains as possible, but as a baker using only whole wheat flour would be blasphemy, but there are ways to increase a breads whole grains. For this bread, I replaced the bread flour in the biga with whole wheat flour, and in addition I decided on a whim to use a tablespoon of stiff levain, rather than adding yeast to the biga. This preferment was a bit harder to form simply because of the whole wheat flour but the end result was a success, although it seemed dry. To compensate for the addition of sourdough starter I used only 1/3 of the suggested amount of yeast in the formula. I also replaced 3 more ounces of the bread flour with whole wheat flour.

Typically this formula rises in two hours with one fold placed after one hour of bulk fermentation. After one hour, I folded the dough and noted that it had not risen much, so I decided to put the timer on for 90 minutes. By that time the dough was ready to be divided. Instead of making pizza right away, I always divide my pizza dough in to fifths, and freeze them in ziploc™sandwich bags. This way I can thaw one piece at a time, which is enough for a large personal pizza. So,  I have not yet tasted the dough, but it was supple and smelled wonderful. I will attach a comment once I have baked my first pie from this formula.

Remember when you are baking pizza, do it on a stone which is burning hot. Pizza needs a quick bake, also remember to leave some room around the edges for a crust. If you do not you will have a mess. You can never wash a stone so you do not want cheese and bits of other ingredients on its surface. I like to dust my peel with semolina rather than cornmeal it makes the transfer a little easier and it also adds a subtle crunch.

If you have ideas for pizzas, topping combination I would love to hear from you. I will try them and post the results.

Keep your oven hot and in good use


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