Sunday, October 23, 2011

Toast Bread- Straight Dough

This is a very simple bread to make, it does have additional ingredients such as malt powder (or malt syrup) and very small amount of butter, but it comes together very quickly and only requires one fold. I do not make straight doughs often, as I think they have a more simple less intricate taste, but its nice to eat simple good food everyone in a while. This bread gets its name because it should be toasted to pronounce the true flavors in the bread. The butter and the malt come out in the toasting, and add a good crunch and chew factor. After mixing this dough I took a picture of the gluten matrix as another example of gluten development. You can see that it does not quite have the development that arises when a poolish is used, but it does have a strong network none the less.

I have not yet tasted this bread, but I will be doing so in a few days, and I will add a comment about the result, I still have my sour dough semolina loaf and once piece of the Pain Rustique to keep me busy for the next few days.

A picture of the finished result.

A note: this bread is supposed to be baked in a pullmans pan, but considering my economic demographic I do not yet have one, I used a large loaf ban and placed a sheet pan on top of the loaf during the first two thirds of baking and then removed the sheet pan and completed the bake in a slightly cooler oven. When I do finally make my authentic pumpernickel I will buy a Pullman Pan. That will be my finale of Hamelman's Book. I also replaced malt syrup with honey in this bread. 

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