Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fougasse with Olives

I have never made a fougasse before, but I was excited to. With a high crust to crumb ratio due to slitting and stretching the dough  just prior to the bake. It is important to have a thouroughly heated stone to bake this bread in order to develop the crisp crust. This recipe called for Nicoise Olives but I used organic Kalamata olive. I could not find Nicoise olives in Columbus, Ohio.

Note: I am afraid I stretched the fougasse a bit to much but it baked nicely. I am excited break into it shortly, but I first i must post a picture of the finished product.

This bread only used 10% olives by flour weight. Usually accessory ingredients are at levels closer to 20%. This is most likely due to the contribution of sodium that the olives provide. . The salt in this bread is greatly reduced compared to normal about only a third of the normal percentage, again this is due to the contribution of sodium by the olives.

Fougasse with Olives

Hamelman suggests a variation of this bread which uses anchovies in place of olives. That sounds marvelous! I will have find some quality anchovies and try this out. I do not love anchovies, but they do have their place in certain foods and they sound marvelous in this unique bread.

I was planning on mixing the Olive Levain tonight, but I forgot to prepare the sourdough build this morning so I will have to postpone it to baking it tomorrow. This bread recommends at least an 8 hour retarding at 50 degrees. So was planning on baking this in the morning, but it will be up by the end of this weekend. I have never retarded a bread in my own kitchen, but I think it will be okay.

I always spend friday nights with my best friend Al. I will have to convince her to hang out with me here so that I can Bake my bread tomorrow night. I think that she will comply (although she can not even eat gluten..... poor soul)

Eight breads to go!
Dont let new things intimidate you rather let them teach you, For the met-empirical is narrowed by eagerness and experimentation.

Bake Away

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