Thursday, November 24, 2011

Roasted Potato Bread with Rosemary

This is another one of my favorite bread which I made for Thanksgiving, but with one adaptation. Instead of whole wheat flour, I used whole rye flour, As you might have noticed, I am on a rye kick right now. I do not know why but I really love rye breads especially when the weather begins to become cold. I have made this roasted potato bread a handful of times over the past year, but this is the first time I have adjusted the recipe.

In addition to the rye flour I also used a biga in place of a pate fermente. This was because I decided to make this bread in the last minute and did not have a full sixteen hours to prepare the pate fermente. So removed 0.2 oz of salt and placed them into the final dough, so that the preferment would come together faster. On the reckless side, I added the hot roasted potatoes to the biga, to help to raise the temperature of the preferment. I think this rally helped the biga come together a little faster, I am not recommending it but rather just letting you know the changes I made to the dough.

A lot of potato breads suggest that you boil potatoes and that you then use some of the potato water in the bread during the mix, but to be honest I and Jeffrey Hamelman alike both suggest that you roast the potatoes in their own skin. This really adds to the flavor of the bread, especially the flavor in the crust. It really gives the taste of a baked potato. I bake my potato right on the hearth stone, I turn it a few times during the bake, just to make sure it gets roasted evenly, but this probably not necessary. I always make sure to poke some wholes in the potato before I bake it with a pairing knife, once again this is not necessary if you watch the potato closely but it can't hurt.

I added about 0.2 oz of rosemary to this bread and it aroma really carried through, I have not yet tried this bread, but I will tonight with the meal. I will be sure to post a comment as to the flavor and crumb of the bread. I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving

The slices I placed on the loaves opened up beautifully!!

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