Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grateful Dead Live at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium 5/5/1977

You should just start listening now: 

When I started this blog, it was my hope to combine my absolute love for music and my passion for bread. Until recently, music has not been a prominent part of my blog. This is going to change! I am bringing back the show of the week, which will give me an opportunity to share some of my favorite Grateful Dead shows while giving me an opportunity to briefly recap the breads that I baked during the week. I will start with the show of the week and conclude with my experience with 3 Polish rye breads. Also this will not be happening on a separate page, it will be happening right here with all of my other posts

One of the great things about blogging is it gives me a little more time in front of my computer, and when I am in front of my computer I am also in front of my 5.1 surround sound system which means that Jerry and the boys are ringing in my ears (and I mean a LOT of volume).

My second show of the week, comes circa 1977.  It is one of my favorite years for the Grateful Dead. This is a great year for listening to Phil Lesh, as he explores and experiments with his playing. This show is a great example of Phil's style on the electric fretless bass. I just love the fretless tone (I play a fretless bass as well). You will notice, that Phil is really in the front of 'the mix' (the mix refers to the balance of the different instruments in the recording). Not only is it very rare for the Dead to start out with the Help on the Way>Slip Knot> Franklin's tower sequence, but Phil is dropping bombs all over the place. You can tell right out of the gate that Phil is going to be playing his heart out all night!

The drumming is on point too! I love the nuances that Mickey Hart adds to the rhythm. The two drummers works so wonderfully together, better than any other drummer duos that I have heard. Additionally, there are some wonderful vocal harmonies in this show. I am really not a fan of Donna, but she is pretty good in this show as she sings Sunrise very well. Sunrise is a song you do not hear very often. You can also hear her in Cassidy, where she is staying on key, and in the background (where I think she belongs). Phil keeps it low key in Cassidy, but that is not to say that he is not throwing down sweet licks. He continues to make me happy through this entire show. A very solid rendition of Brown-Eyed-Woman follows, which is a song that I particularly like. The guitar work in the beginning of the song is just beautiful. That opening lick is so sweet!!! 

The next really big number for me is The Music Never Stopped. I love when the guitar comes in noodling a few bars into the song. The drums and the bass are just dancing off one another. I can almost picturing them weaving in and out of one another, and once again Donna sings this very well. I hope you get lost in this song as much as I do. (The soundboard does fade into an audio recording for a few seconds, but who cares, its a great jam.) What a great set-closer! Then to open up with Bertha in the second set!

 I know that I have not yet mentioned Bobby, but man is he ever present. Now, the best thing about Mr. Weir is that you have to really listen to hear his guitar playing. He is so good, that sometimes you can't even hear his intricate rhythm work. I think that he is, hands down, one of the greatest rhythm guitar players to ever play the instrument. I absolutely love his playing in Bertha, which is one of my favorite songs. This version is on the slower side, and its really smooth. The great thing about the Dead is that depending on whether Jerry or Bobby is singing, its like listening to two totally different bands. 

Uncle John as an encore: this is love at first sight. 

Baking Recap:

This week I baked three Polish rye breads: Light Silesian Rye, Dark Silesian Rye with Pumpkin Seeds and a Polish Cottage Rye. I would have to say that all of these breads were successful. I am particularly fond of the Dark Rye with pumpkin seeds. This bread is just begging for some fresh goat cheese!! 

I have to share with you, that Michael Jubinsky of Stone Turtle Baking asked me for the formula that I used for the Dark Rye. I have the utmost respect for Michael and I was honored by his request. He is a baker that I have never met personally, but whom I really hope to meet in the future. It would be an honor to bake a Pumpernickel with him!

So Rock on and Bake On and enjoy the show

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