Monday, March 19, 2012

Grateful Dead Live at the Springfield Civic Center April 23, 1977

Here is the link so you can get started. 

This a wonderful show, I really like this one. The playing is really on point and the jamming is pretty good. I listened to this show on my way home from Ann Arbor Michigan. You really have to play this one loudly. 

Things to note about this show: this is a matrix recording which means that it is a combination of an audience recording and a soundboard recording. The real advantage of a matrix is it includes the clean and crisp sound of being taken directly from the on stage equipment while it still contains some crowd noise and energy derived from an audience recording. This show was transcribed by Hunter Seamons, and it seems that all of the recording that Hunter touches turn to gold. I really love the work that he does, he is up there with Charlie Miller. Another highlight of this show is Keith on the keys, he is really doing some magical thing. He is on target all night. Please do enjoy this one, and I apologize for a less critical review, but this gets the point across. Give this one a listen and let me know how you feel about this two plus hours of magic.


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