Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grateful Dead Live at Utica Coliseum on March 13th, 1981

I apologize for this taking so long to post, I was out of town.
Utica Coliseum March 13, 1981
This is a Bobby Show!

Most of the time I listen to soundboard recordings but this week's recording is an audio masterpiece by Charlie Miller. I was very pleased with the quality of this show. There are a few highlights that I want to point out, but most of it is really high quality playing and a wonderful crowd recording. I listened to this one on my drive home from a trip to D.C, and it certainly made coming back to school much more exciting and enjoyable. 

I love when a show starts off with a Shakedown Street, it is such a groovy tune, I think the tune is a showcase of the versatility of the band.  Also all of the voices are sounding pretty good tonight (with the exception of Donna). I am not a fan of Miss Donna G, there are a few shows where her voice is great, but most others I can not stand. I am particularly not a fan of her singing in Playin in the Band, but you can not have everything I suppose. 

I want to bring attention to the Bobby songs in this show, particularly Sugar Magnolia. This is played so well and it has so much energy. I am a huge fan of this song, especailly when it is jammed on for 9 plus minutes. "She is my summer love in  spring fall and winter" That has to one of the greatest lines in all of Rock and Roll, way to go Robert Hunter, you are the man! I do not think that Jerry is truly outstanding on this night, but I do think that he has some wonderful licks and the band jams well in general, but this is not one of the night that Garcia as a guitarist.  

One other thing I want to bring attention to is the eyes of the world followed by drums, man the drums is wonderful, it is just filled with some really great stuff. Eyes of the world is another song that I just love, and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. The longer grateful dead tunes, are the ones I love most, particularly the ones with such interesting chordal structure such as Eyes, Terrapin and Wharf Rat. 

Rock on 

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