Monday, April 30, 2012

Grateful Dead at Holleder Memorial Stadium on 1979-09-01

I just came across this show this afternoon, and I am rather enjoying it. Right off the bat, Half-Step Mississippi Toodeloo is awesome. Jerry is in top form in this tune, and the extended jam is quite good! I really like this song. The combination of the words and the cool chord progression used in the bridge and during Jerry's solos is great. The tone on Jerry's guitar is quite good. He is having a hard time with the lyrics, but every dog has its day. Charlie Miller always seems to do a wonderful job of cleaning up these sounds board recordings. 

The second song is Franklin's Tower which is not very common. It is normally a song which is found in the second set, but I welcome a good Franklin's Tower regardless of when it is played. It is such a fun little tune with only three chords. Robert Hunter is a story telling master, his lyrics have always been incredible. I would put him up there as one of the best lyricists of all time.

Friend of the Devil is slow, and sweet. I am not a huge fan of this song live, butI do not mind it. I prefer the more intense live songs but its a beautiful version. Jerry's vocals are very nice, and bobby and Phil harmonizing in the chorus is just tender. There is a tasteful delicate piano solo as well.

Soon after comes an emotional version of Lost Sailor and Saints of Circumstance. Recently, I have come to appreciate these songs much more. The way Jerry plays on these songs is unique and much different than his typically fluid style. 

Scarlet Begonia's, Fire on the the words of my friends mom "now we are cooking with gas!" Fire on the Mountain has some really great loose jamming. I love what Bobby does with this tune. Only TWO CHORDS, and it goes on for 15+ minutes. Phil has some really nice licks in this song. 

Drums is pretty atypical, almost reckless, with some quiet sections followed by feral, beastly drumming. There are some really cool rhythm patterns happening in this one. 

After the first ten seconds Wharf Rat, you just simply know that Phil is going to be in the front on this one. It is not typically, a song that I associate with Phil Bombs, but I am impatiently waiting for one...Jerry's voice is so emotional in this song, and he sounds great! Jerry's fuzz is tasteful. He always uses his pedals so well, possibly, because he plays clean most of the time. He gets such a strong effect when he does pull out a little distortion. What I would do for his axe and pedal board...

Ending a show with I Need a Miracle and Bertha...wonderful!

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