Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grateful Dead Live at Tower Theater June, 21st, 1976

The singing in this show is quite good!

Tower Theater June,21 1976

This show is on the first day of summer (also my lovely parents anniversary), and it shows. The band is really playing well, a strong setlist and and just good sound all around. Charlie Miller has released yet another marvelous recording. I could do what I have done in the past which is to identify who is really playing well, but to be honest the band is really together as a unit in this show. They seem to be playing off of the same energy, and seem to really b in sync with one another. If there is one thing that does stand out in my mind, it is not the band itself, but rather what Charlie Miller has captured. The drums are mic'd perfectly. I mean you can really here everything that Mickey and Billy are doing, and it just makes me happy. 

Another thing to point about this show is that you can download it. This is not common for shows of this caliber, I mean it is one thing to be able to listen to these with internet access, but when you can put on your ipod and enjoy it in your car it just brings a little more joy. Whenever I drive somewhere that is long than 45 minutes away, I make sure that i have a good Grateful Dead Show for the occasion, and I am going to be saving this one for a long trip. This show is just under 3 hours long, this could get me all the way to Pittsburgh from Columbus, Ohio!

I have been meaning to share this show since Monday when I came across it, but I have not been able to listen to the whole show until this very moment. I am working my way through the last few songs as I am writing this post. Sort of strange to be playing it must have been the roses as the second to last song, but it is sweet and nice. It really sets a pace so that Johnny B Goode as the encore has a drastic effect. This is the perfect show for this week, as I have just submitted my Masters Thesis, and am only a few weeks away from my degree and the future! 

Enjoy this one!

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