Monday, May 7, 2012

Grateful Dead Live at Veterans Coliseum 5/5/1977

"People joining hand in hand, while the music played the band" Robert Hunter, I could not have said it better my self! I am so glad the music never stopped. Let us make a toast, to the boys (and Donna If I have too)....This one is off the charts! and "Mamma, I don't walk to hang up my rock and roll shoes"...a song once sung by the band, I know its not typical but start out with this video of The Band! 

So the archive has this really great tool, its called today in history, and it shows you all of the grateful dead shows that are on the archive from the current day. So this one, is coming May 5th, 1977 and it is fantastic! Not a single track that I would not recommend.

The first thing that came to my attention was Phil! His bass is strong, he is playing well and is just recorded perfectly! His tone is so round and warm. This show is just loaded will tasteful bass playing! This show really showcases Phil Lesh as one of the finest jam bass players out there.

The second thing that came to my attention was the drumming! Micky and Billy are playing some of their best stuff. Not only are they playing well, the drums were mic'd perfectly. The toms are ringing, the kick drum is pounding and the cymbals are alive. The ways these two cats play off of one another. It is almost like they are playing harmonic instruments rather than just drums. The Micky and Billy are on, its dancing time! So close your down, put on your dancing shoes and bust some move, I know I did!

This is perfect timing, Looks like Rain just came on and this is the next song I want to talk about. The drumming in this song is just amazing! I never really thought of this song as a drumming song, but there are some tasteful fills. The vocals are also very good, and Phil is just slipping and sliding in the most elegant and eloquent is that possible) way. Jerry’s playing in this song is so unique, for a long time, John Kadlecik from Further sort of just did his own thing when ever they placed this song, just recently he started playing this song the way Jerry did. You will notice that Jerry solo's during this song have a very different approach. I quite like what he does in this number. But, make sure you listen to those drums! How about those lyrics? John Barlow, has some wonderful songs, the second and third verse particularly speak to me. 

I only want to hold you I don't want to tie you down Or fence you in the lines, I might have drawn It just that I have gotten used to having you around My landscape would be empty if you were gone
Listen to Bobby's voice when he sings ‘I have just gotten used to having you around’. So much emotion, so much passion! Oh yeah Bobby, I forgot to mention, him. His playing is great all night. If you read my blog you will know how much respect I have for him.

Peggy-O, which is a Dylan tune is just great! I think it is the best version that I have heard. Not typically a song that I listen to with that much attention, but, hey its on the money. Phil is just having a great time; I liken his performance to Rick Danko. You know when Rick is bouncing the music is good! I can just picture Phil doing the Danko! He has never sounded this good to me before! I guess I would like to dedicate this show to the memories of Richard Manuel, Rick Danko and Levon Helm, three of the best voices in Rock and Roll! I am allowed to dedicate it, because, well, this is my blog :) Deal, is good too! Jerry's vocals are on key on time, and sounding good. His solo, is pretty good, he has done better, but I can not complain with this show and set list.

El Paso never did anything for me, but it is a fairly good one. And how about that second set song list Bertha to Estimated Prophet to Scarlet Fire to Good Lovin to St. Stephen!  Hell of a second set run!

You have to listen to this show, and you have gotten to pump it! Feel that bass skipping along, feel the beat in your feet forget about Monday and be grateful that these gems are recorded!

This has to be one of the best shows I have heard this year. Everybody is just playing at their best!

Oh, I did not mention the keys at all. They are there and they are nice! Good job Keith, just next time marry a woman with a better voice ;)


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