Friday, July 13, 2012

Grateful Dead at Boston Music Hall '71

This show has a wonderful sound. With Bobby guitar coming straight out of the left speaker and his voice coming out of the right speaker. While Jerry's guitar is coming out of the right speaker, with his voice coming out of the left speaker. So far the thing that really stands out to me is Bertha. The way Bobby sounds, and Jerry's guitar solo is spine numbing. Truckin is also good, but I feel that Bertha, is the true start of this show. 

I am really enjoying that is coming from Weirs guitar, his tone is perfect, it has a mildness to it, but yet its still punchy. In Beat it on Down the Line, it sounds as if phil is actually finger picking rather than playing with a pick, which is his preference. But as the song continues it sounds as if he goes back to the pick. There is also some nice organ from Pig Pen in the background. This is a Piggy tune, he is meant to sing this one. 

Second that Emotion, is a tune that I rather enjoy. This is no exception. Jerry's voice is sounding great! Booby is almost playing a little hip hop like thing in there right before Jerry's solo. The dead always way ahead of their time. I know Woody Allen always claims that he was ahead of his time, particularly in To Rome with Love, but hey man, give the medal to the dead, they deserve it!!

Some rare Jerry Wah in Sugar Magnolia! This is a Bobby song in my opinion, but Jerry take up some of the reigns in this one! I was teaching my friend Dima how to play guitar and I taught him how to play the inro to this song. He wanted to learn something that would be hard. I think when one can really play bar chords well he takes them for granted, this was a good exercise in changing my perspective about the dead. This is really a musically technical song! And man if you can catch that C sharp 7th hidden in the end of the song. The resolve it provides is really  cool! The second wah solo is also tastefully forceful; very nice! Listen to Bobby play!

The first set is off the hook! I am looking forward to listening to the second set this afternoon.

So I am writing you because I am listening to the second set, and it is simply awesome! The Dark Star, a song I typically do not care for is simply awesome, phil is hitting some really cool picked licks, Bobby dissonant style of playing is awesome and they are just loose and jamming. 

Saint Stephen, is just as good and Going Down the Road is superb as well. You do not want to miss this one folks!!

Rock on

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