Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Show of the Week: RFK Stadium '73

RFK Stadium on 1973-06-10

This show is unique in that it is very long, and has three good sized sets. It also has Dicky Betts and Butch Trucks from The Allman Brothers Band. To be perfectly honest, I am not impressed by what Dicky Betts adds to the show. I think that the guy has his chops, and he certainly has a very unique style but it is very repetitive. I personally think Duane Allman had a lot more to offer, and I was very pleased when Rolling-stone Magazine ranked him as the second greatest guitarist of all time (Jerry was in the top 15), and it is a crying shame that the lord took him at such a young age. He has a wonderful anthology which really sheds light on his solo playing and his style, and his complete understanding of the blues as a genre and lifestyle. 

Anthology of Blues
Awesome mix of Duane's style

That being said, there area few songs that you have to listen to in this show. Morning Dew is delightful, soothing and calm. I love hearing Jerry's voice in this song. I think that any Box of Rain is worth a listen. Phil Lesh is responsible for this song, as he wrote it for his father who was dying of caner. It speaks to me, I think there are so many lessons to be learned from this song. Robert Hunter's lyrics just shine, 

They Love Each Other, has a really unique feel to it and Eyes of the World is off the hook. It is very open and it is filled with open, steady jamming. This is a must listen as well. I really like the transition from Eyes of the World into Stella Blue what Jerry does to change to pace, and mood is delicate, simple and beautiful. The come Big River and it is awesome! I love this song, so upbeat, and some really nice chicken picking by the Jerry man.

Here Comes Sunshine is also great! Jerry on the Wah, is just awesome, he is really being innovative and interesting. He is a having a really great show! And as a person who does even like Dark Star this is one that deserves a solid listen. It is less ambiguous than most, and I loved it!

But if there is one song that you have to listen to in this whole show, it would have to be the Truckin! It is so full of energy, and Bobby is on top of the world! Some of the chord riffs he pulls are stunning. Check him out just before the three minute mark, he is a master! THe man just makes me smile. And Sugar Magnolia  is also great! Such a great set list. 

Now the third set is with Betts and Trucks, but they do not start ruining it for me till Going Down the Road. In fact It's Alright Mama is really quite good! And the Promised Land is also quite good! 

All in all this show is wonderful, I think that there are a ton of gems, but all the songs are really quite good especailly in the first and second sets. I mean this is 4.5 hours of music! Which is just nuts! 

As of today I am going to start adding a MVP award.
If I had to chose a player of the day, I think I would go with Bobby or Jerry, but I give the award to Bobby, because of his playing in Truckin is off the hook. Bobby is pushing everybody forward. And his voice is on point.
MVP: Bobby!

Happy 4th!!
One last thought:
Don't you find it strange that a country founded on immigration is so racists?

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