Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Travelers Story and Finding Meaning in Everything


Before I begin this post I would like to wish a happy 100th birthday to Julie Childs. Rock on sister, without you I would be nothing but a man who bakes bread!

A very dear friend of mine, Dima, is traveling around the country on his motorcycle prior to heading into Mexico in the end of August when his visa expires. You may ask, Dave what does this have to do with bread or music. My response: Nothing; everything! 

I met Dima in September of 2010, soon after I moved to Columbus, and since then we have become quite close. I sent a significant amount of time with Dima hanging out, teaching him guitar and most importantly teaching him how to cook. It was very sad to see Dima finally leave Columbus, in the end of June, but I could not help but be jealous! The man was driving across the country, just his mind, his free spirit and the open road. Dima, is the kind of guy that makes life fun, entertaining and full of meaning. On Dima's trip, I was able to hook him up with my Uncle Phil and Aunt Elaine in Montana. And in Dima's blog about his travels he mentioned that food is truly in the family, and it really is. I come from a long line of cooks, but this is not why I am mentioning Dima. I am mentioning Dima because yesterday he shared a movie with that I have to share with you.

In addition as of late, I have been exchanging emails with Kelly, a new pen-pal of mine, who I am excited to finally meet. I am mentioning this because we have been exchanging messages of the meaning of the world, how we want to make a difference in the world and how we really want to find the positive in everything and just live our own lives. 

In the words of Robert Hunter: Kelly and I want 
'to wake up to find out that we are the eyes of the world'.....and that we
'are the song that the morning brings'. 

I am quite excited to finally meet the person behind the pen this weekend, but that is besides the point. What I really want to share with you is this video.

The rabbis have a lesson which states that to add to something is often to detract, so I will let you find your own meaning in this. Please share what your feelings are! 

As a final note I would like to share with you the link to Dima's blog entitle Jewpsylife and the infamous Montana post. Give him some of your HearthBakedTunes love!!!

And as always Bake On

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