Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Change is Gonna Come -Ben Solee

I had the very priveledge of seeing Ben Solee live in 2006, with my best friend Isaac 'Cookies' Asher. I was not even aware that Ben Solee was going to be there, in fact I had know idea who Ben was. But, I learned very quickly. I was going to a Bela Fleck Concert and Ben was playing cello in his band. Ben busted out into a reggae/ ska inspired jam on his cello. I had never even thought that possible! 

Over the past five years, I had forgotten about Ben, and I was reintroduced to him by way of you-tube! I can not remember exactly how, but boy am I grateful. I can honestly say that he has one of the finest voices I have heard. I mean I think he is up there with Richard Manuel, and Rick Danko! He sings with a passion and on top of that he is a stellar cellist!

I hope you can enjoy this! I strongly recommend you look into some of his music! He is on spotify, but has very little music on grooveshark.com. Keep him in your peripherals! The man is inventive, talented and just plain cool, (I think he is going to give snoopy a run for his money

And if you like what you heard:

Keep it Funky

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