Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Philosophy Lesson #1

As you know, I find baking bread therapeutic and meaningful, but nothing is more meaningful than a friend! "Because outside of a dog a book is a mans best friend, inside of a dog it is too dark to read"

I was speaking today with my German friend Alexander, who I have actually never met, yet our friendship continues to grow. (maybe social media is not so bad after all?) He is a friend of a friends, but we always have the most interesting conversations by way of facebook. We were having a discussion on how difficult it is to teach a language to another person, in a grammatical sense. Particularly, how hard it is to grasp grammar from the perspective of tenses, since as native speakers we never learn our native tongue in that way. Something Alexander said, really stuck with me.  
"I think abstracts are 'obvious' structures you don't really get. While Chaos has a form of 'hidden' structure you don't get. .. (as almost everything revolves around more or less complex patterns)."
Later Alexander explained:

"the mind has a problem. it can not generate content from nothing. so, as the mind tries to grasp itself by analyzing, re-combining and (de-) constructing every sensory input, thought, emotion in every simplest and complex possible way it generates "metaphors". often pictures or abstract symbols with personal meaning to generate new and more complex information."

I am beginning to realize that we as individuals have small moments, or fragments of enlightenment on a regular basis. And I wanted to share on of those moments with my readers. As always Bake On!


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