Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Weight: An Alternative Cover

I am always looking for new ways to experience The Band, and here is one which is new to me. I just came across this by way of Rick Danko. I am really not to sure how Rick Danko can post videos on facebook seeing that he has been dead since 1999. But, I am grateful anyways. 

A couple reasons why I like this version of this song: 
  1. I like the sound of an African American voice singing this song.
  2. The really do stick with the phrasing which the band, used for the song, while still adding their own little twist. 
  3. There is some very tasteful pedal steel guitar...nice!!
  4. The drumming is very true to Levon's style, one which I call Complicated Simplicity. Keeping the drumming tight, while leaving the beat sounding open. Levon always had a way of making his drums sing.
  5. Listen to that barratone in the last chorus, the Harmonies are brillian


Live! Love! and Listen (to The Band)!

Well I have to put my Woostah Sourdough in the oven! Over and Out!


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