Thursday, December 13, 2012

Acoustic Gem with Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer and Stuart Duncan

This is wonderful, video taped by NPR, as part of their Tiny Desk Concert Series. The Tiny Desk Concerts attempt to capture the eclectic work of acoustic musicians and are a great way to become familiar with musician both new and old. I am actually familiar with three out of the four musicians in this showcase, and I will explain in more detail.

Chris Thile: I have been on a The Band kick, for lets say, um, ten years! They are hands down tied with the Grateful Dead as my favorite band of all time. Such different styles of music, but both raw in their own way, and both unique. The band with the double piano and organ and the dead with well Jerry and the two drummers. Anyways, I was on youtube and searching through Music of the Band and I came across a band called the Punch Brothers, who were doing a rather interesting cover of the song Ophelia, which happens to be a personal favorite of mine. All the player in the Punch Brothers are incredible but the mandolin player is something extra special. A few weeks later, Mike Pagano, my buddy and lead guitarist in my former band was showing me some videos of Thile, and I said "Dude! What the hell! I showed you these guys a few weeks ago!" Anyways, check this guy out, one of the finest pickers I have ever laid ears upon! And just one more for the road

Yo-Yo Ma: Yo Ma! It's Yo-Yo Ma! This man is known throughout the world as one of the finest cellists. He is smooth, fast, interesting, brilliant! He makes those strings shine! I am not exactly a fan of him, but rather i respect him! When it comes to Cello, Ben Solee is my guy, but hey, this guy is a real talent. 

Edgar Meyer: I came to know Edgar through A Bela Fleck CD which was recorded with Meyer. He is a solid upright bassist with an interesting approach to the instrument. He plays with an resonating harmonic style which is strangely chordal! 

I know nothing about the violinist, but, he keeps up with the other players, which is saying a lot! And, oh, wait, he pulls out a bajo! Badabing! Badaboom!

This is most excellent!
May your unholy ears find the divine amongst these string players!


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