Thursday, March 21, 2013

Enlightenment Grateful Dead Style

"Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places when you look at it right"
Right you are Mr. Robert Hunter! Right you are! I just stumbled upon this little gem, my actually clicking on the wrong link. This is quite possible the most wonderful little musical blessing I have received in a long time. This is what is called a Matrix recording which means that it is a combination of a audience recording and a soundboard recording. As you might have guessed an audience recording is recorded by someone in the audience while a soundboard recording comes directly from the soundboard. Both audience recordings and soundboard recordings have their advantages and disadvantages. An audience recording has a very 'live' feeling, sine you can hear the clapping of the audience and the screaming, and even sometimes some very interesting chatter among the crowd which makes you feel that you are right there, it also can detract from the quality of the sound of the performance. While a soundboard is typically crisper and cleaner, and sounds more professionally recorded. Soundboards often have a feeling less live. I like both audience recordings and soundboards, generally speaking I listen to more SBD because really amazing audience recordings are hard to come by, but they Do exist! I really love matrix recordings, but to be honest, they can sometimes feel manufactured and almost to clean. I used to listen to records when I was in highschool because I loved the fact that they were recorded years ago, without the benefit of 30 years of sound technology. They held an air of antiquity and authenticity for me. Plus the ritual, taking out the record, taking out the sleeve, taking the record out of the sleeve and placing it on the turntable, gently setting up the needle and turning it on. I love the process!

What I would love for you to pay attention to in this show:

  1. The drums sounds great! Very clean, well recorded
  2. The jazzy piano
  3. There is good bass, and phil playing his A game!
  4. Donna is pregnant and out of the picture, due to not being able to travel by plane (thank goodness) 
  5. Bob Weir's voice is sounding good and his playing is spectacular as usual
  6. A very nice blend of crowd noise and clean soundboard recording
  7. Jerry's guitar sounds marvelous 
Truly, it is not every day that you are confronted with 178:39.63 of love! Take it while you can

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