Friday, May 17, 2013

Vollkornbrot mit 30% Vollkorn Weißen Weizen und Gerösteten Haselnüssen

Are you ready for a mouthful?   "Vollkornbrot mit 30% Vollkorn weißen Weizen und gerösteten Haselnüssen".

Just in case you were wondering what the heck I am talking about, here's the translation:  "wholegrain bread with 30% whole white wheat and roasted hazelnuts".  I actually baked this bread more than a week ago, but I have been very busy working, cooking, eating, living, loving and working out. 
One of the reasons that I did not post on this bread right away is because I am not a great fan of this bread. I have made this bread before, but this time I added some roasted hazelnuts and replaced the whole wheat with white whole wheat. The finished product was considerably drier than what I am accustomed to.  I had a few slices, gave a few slices to my co-workers, and gave the rest to Kelly's mom, Carla, who has plenty of hungry step kids around.

All of the rye flour in this bread is found in the sourdough build and the soaker. The final dough is composed of whole wheat flour and water and salt. The last time that I baked this bread, the dough was much wetter. I think that the hazelnuts dried this dough up quite a bit and greatly impacted the final product. Prior to baking this bread I ate a few of the raw hazelnuts and found them to be very bitter. So I toasted them and thought they were great. I put way too many hazlenuts in this bread. It was much too pronounced a flavor. The next time that I attempt this bread I will stick to 100% rye and skip the nuts.

Since this bread is a vollkornbrot, the mix is a bit tedious and it takes quite a long time. I had to mix it for close to ten minutes. If you use a hook to mix this, remember that the bowl must be scraped down. Keep that in mind when you make breads that are very high in rye flour, particularly whole rye flour. Of all of the vollkornbrots that I have made, this bread is by far, my least favorite. However, remember my motto: "Live and learn and die learning".

I am keeping this blog entry short because I am going to spend much more time on the current rye I am baking. It is a Sourdough Cranberry bread with toasted pecans and hazelnuts. I will be writing about it shortly and I think it will hold much more promise!  

Until then......... Bake On!


  1. Bread is art and science I love your evsluation and techniques; thanks for sharing. Cant wait to hear abour cranberry rye!

    1. My pleasure to share with all of my readers! I am glad that you find some joy in my labor of love. I am feeling revitalized, and I am working on creating some formulas of my own, which is what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks anyways. Taking my growing German bread knowledge and applying it

  2. David could you not just tweek the recipe a nit. Lessen the toasted nuts. I would love the taste of hazelnut bread...Yummy. Happy Baking.