Wednesday, June 19, 2013

40% Caraway Rye with a Hectic Birthday Approach

Last night was the loveliest shabbat dinner that I have experienced here in Atlantic City. I was starting to think that things were just done differently here, but I am very grateful to have been proven wrong. Thanks to my new friends Ari and Beth who graciously invited kelly and me into their home for shabbat dinner. As you might not have guessed. I brought bread. The crowd was relatively small but filled with very interesting conversation progressive ideas and a true sense of family. There was a most excellent and earth vegetarian creamy mushroom soup that went perfectly with this 40% caraway sourdough rye bread. Since I baked this bread on my birthday, I had to place it in the fridge for a few hours. I was a little hesitant to do this, but the results were fantastic. And nothing says jewish like a light-medium heavy rye bread filled caraway seeds. I knew it was going to be good when I saw Ari's face when he took it out of the simple brown lunch bag that I wrap my bread in. His whole face lit up and I knew it was going to be a good night. Another wonderful thing is that I now have access to Kelly's fantastic Pentax K-X camera, which will only improve my ability to express and share my artisan rye breads with all my readers and friends. 

As I mentioned before this bread was retarded, which means that I placed it for a time in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process. This is common place with many breads. Karin Anderson, who has been a great source of German bread information using this practice quite often. This enables the dough to have more time to mingle, and so to speak make love to itself. For this bread I mixed the dough three minutes on first speed and two minutes on second speed. The caraway seeds are added in the beginning of the mix. All of the rye flour is found in the sourdough build, and of coarse all the rye flour is in the form of Whole Rye (But you have come to expect this much from me). After the mix, I allowed the dough to ferment at room temperature for an hour. Then I placed the dough on the counter divided into two equal(ish) sized pieces and shabed them into boules. I then place them seam side down in two flour dusted brotform, covered them with a dampend bakers linen then loosely covered them with plastic wrap and placed them in the fridge for about four hours, enough time for Kelly and I to go out and enjoy a nice VIetnamese Dinner and a few pints at are favorite local bar, The Irish Pub, but I could not help but mentioning that we walked there on the boardwalk and Kelly's high hell shoe got stuck in the boards and I had to pry it out with considerable force. 

As soon as we got back I ran into the kitchen turned the oven on 350, pulled the brotforms out of the fridge and placed them on the counter uncovered and then ran back to the oven and turned it on at 500 for 30 minutes to get it nice and hot. I then turned it down to 475 for 15 minutes and then I loaded the breads in the oven. During the loading of the first loaf I was so excited the bread almost fell of the stone, so I slid it back a bit, and resumed the loading of the second loaf. They had grown considerably in the fridge so I was very pleased that they did not fuse together in the oven, which has happened to me before in the past. And then I almost forgot about the breads, I was mid sentence with Kelly and I said "Oh shoot" and ran into the kitchen turned the oven off and pulled the bread out of the oven and slid them right on to the counter. They looked fantastic, majestic and yummy!

What goes beyond the first bite is the sharing of this bread with like minded earthy people! For me the feeling of giving surpasses most everything lese, except for hugs, hugs are the best! You know I am afraid the right to bare arms is actually about hugging! Think about it!! 


  1. That looks wonderful! How much caraway did you put into it?
    Happy Birthday! As heartfelt as belated (I didn't have much time to look into fb the last days.)

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! I had a good day! I think it called for 0.6 oz caraway