Wednesday, July 10, 2013

25% Sourdough Rye, 25% Whole Wheat, 100% Awesome

I baked this bread after having three very intellectual beer with my new friend Wallace! Not that the beers were smart..... Any ways I got home and got right to work on this bread, which I have not baked for 18 months! But looking at my book there was a 10 next to it in messily written pencil, and that means its good! 

This bread was made with freshly ground Organic Whole Wheat Berries, courtesy of Auntie Marje! Marje is nuts, but in the best possible way! She will call me and tell me, "Just bought you fifty pounds of rye berries, on sale at the co-op! Couldn't resist!" All a baker do is say 'Gee thanks, Auntie!' So I guess there is a little piece of Auntie in this loaf! I also freshly ground the whole rye for this bread, I really enjoy milling, even the sound makes me feel like I am getting closer and closer to growing my own grain! 

This bread has a sourdough build that is prepared at 83% hydration, a rather obscure number, but you have to go with it, this bread is fantastic! It is allowed to get happy for about 16 hours. All of the rye flour in this bread is placed in the sourdough build. The whole wheat in this bread although only 25 contributes a great deal of flavor do this bread. It gives it a bit more tang, and almost provides a taste that reminds of me of a wood fired oven. I feel that the wheat contributes most to the flavor of the crust, while the rye contributes a great deal to the crumb and chew of this bread. 

My all time favorite thing to do with this bread is to eat it naked, nothing on it. My second favorite thing to do with this bread is it eat with a healthy schmeer of Hazelnut spread! I would also like to share something that my freind Uri and I found hilariously funny, perhaps it is only funny because we are jewish. But we looked up Schmeer in Urban Dictionary and this is what we found:
A large spreaded schlop of cream cheese usually schlepped all over a bagel.

And with that I close this post

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DW, The Rye King


  1. Looks wonderful, David!
    That dictionary definition is hilarious! The word "schmieren" in German means the same, spreading butter, jam, or what not on a slice of bread. But if you call a person "schmierig", it's everything but nice, meaning "oily".

    1. That is awesome! I will call Alex that when he arrives :D!