Friday, August 30, 2013

63% Sourdough Rye Bread

Well, I have been meaning to bake this bread for a very long time. In fact, the formula calls for 33% bread flour and 66% rye flour, but since whole rye flour was used in place of medium rye flour, I chose to adjust the percentage of rye flour rather than adjusting the hydration of the final dough. I have had very good results with this approach in the past, with other formulas coming from Hamelman's book Bread. 

I did not do the refeeding process of my rye starter Liza May, and was a bit worried that she was not quite ready to raise a bread, but she did just fine. She is still batting a thousand. The rye sourdough build is made with nearly 13 ounces of whole rye flour and is hydrated at 80% which both contribute to the considerable acidity of this bread. I also feel that this bread is hydrated at just the right amount to contribute to a nice and crisp crust and a nice tender but chewy crumb. I am excited that I can eat one loaf and freeze the other for future enjoyment. Besides the fact that I will be enjoying this loaf with a big bowl of my famous spicy black bean chili. 

Last week I did make a Vollkornbrot with almond flour, but to be honest the results were not spectacular so I am very glad that this bread came out well. I knead a little Rye Revival in my life. 

The mixing of this bread is very simple. Combine the sourdough build and the water, add all the other ingredients mix on first speed for three minutes and again on second speed for an additional two minutes. The dough will have noticeable strength, while also having a lightness and openness to its appearance. I am really not sure why I do not bake this bread more often, I really enjoy rye breads in all forms, especially those that have no frills about them. No seeds or fruit or spices to detract from their pure rye power. 

In other news, I would like to wish a joy filled birthday to Jerry Garcia and my friend Wallace, who continues to enjoy my baking on a regular basis, and for this I am very grateful! 

Because of the amount of sourdough in this bread and the high percentage of rye flour this breads bulk fermentation is only 30 minutes long and its proofing is less than 45 minutes long. The baking is simple 460 for 15 minutes and 440 till its done, about another 27 minutes for 1.5 pound loaves. I am excited about this one

Thats a wrap! Bake on!

-DW, The Rye King


  1. Looks great. Rye starters are very resilient, I don't feed mine very often, and it always works well.