Friday, August 30, 2013

Whole grain Barley bread with Honey

This is an adaption to another one of Jeffrey Hamelman's breads! This time with the inclusion of pressed barley grains. Typically this bread is made with oats, but the use of barley really adds a richer earthy tone to the crumb and especially to the crust. The barley really allowed the bread to achieve a wonderful dark, ruddy brown hue. 

This is another bread that does not contain any Rye flour, and is also a straight dough, meaning it does not have a preferments or a sourdough build, although it does have a quick soaker. The soaker contains all of the breads water and pressed barley flakes. My only mistake in this bread was using warm water for the soaker rather than very hot water, which I think would have taken the bite out of the flakes, which were slightly hard in the final bread, especailly when toasted or grilled in a pan. This only brought the bread from a ten down to a nine, it was still incredible and interesting! 
After mixing, you can really see the barley grain in this photo

Ready to Bake
This bread also has a bit of chew with 25% of the flour coming from whole wheat flour, once again I cheated and used King Arthur Flour, but I am making a mental note to myself to mill some more wheat berries this week. This bread also has the addition of 2.4 ounces of both milk and honey, which add to the natural sweetness and dark crust of this bread. It also contains 2.4 ounces of vegetable oil, adding to the development of the crust and keeping the crumb on the tender side, while still not creating a typical white bread texture (related to the use of barley and whole grain flour). 

I once again baked these in brotform and gave them a simple slash pattern. When baking a bread like this, watch the crust closely it will go from fully baked to fully burnt in no time at all, even 1 minutes to long will result in a rather unpleasant crust. 

The finished product with my new bowl courtesy of the incredible Kelly Flanagan

I want to keep the post short, as it is a straight dough! Please do try this out, its very good, with the use of boiling water, I feel that this bread could easily be a 10/10.

Bake On


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