Tuesday, October 22, 2013

40 percent Whole Rye with Caraway

Those of you who are familiar with my professional life know that I am a registered dietitian who works in critical care and acute care in the Atlantic City area. Those who are very familiar with my daily life know that I have been working alone, without the help of another dietitian for almost two months. Thankfully this has come to an end. I am pleased to report that I am now working with a great co-worker, who is both fun and knowledgable. We must tip our hat to her for providing this community with a reason to bake a winter-full of rye breads. (See my list at the end of this entry.)

Those who have been following this website from its early days know that it all started when I set the goal of baking my way through Jeffrey Hamelman's book Bread, which I refer to very often and recommend very highly. I wouldn't be half the rye baker that I am today without this wonderful bread bible. I bring this up, because after providing my new co-worker with two whole grain loafs, she has offered to purchase my breads. Since her family is so open to experimenting with anything taste-wise, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to blog on all of Hammleman's Rye breads (almost) in order. I will of course save the pumpernickel for the very end. Her family will need some acclimating before they are ready for that beast. A lot of the breads in Hamelman's Rye chapter have not been blogged on because I did not have my blog up and running until I was about 80% of the way through the recipes. So stay tuned!!

I have made this bread over ten times. It is, hands down, one of my personal favorites and a favorite of many of my readers and chewers. It is crisp, tangy, full of earthy rye and with a healthy burst of caraway seeds. These are mixed into the dough to provide a wonderful taste and aroma, especially to this bread's crumb. 

All of the rye in this loaf comes from whole rye, and once again I will state to my newer readers that Hearthbakedtunes.com does not play around with medium and light rye. We stick with the whole rye flour; go hard or go home! 40% of this bread is comprised of whole rye flour, all of which is pre-fermented in the sourdough build, which is left alone to mingle and make love to itself for 12-16 hours. The rest of the flour in this loaf comes from bread flour, but if you have access to high gluten flour, it might not be a bad idea. King Arthur Bread flour is a high gluten variety, which is what I use currently (thats the blue bag). A portion of this could come from white whole wheat if you are looking for a bit more fiber in your bread. In order to keep the bread slightly on the lighter side, refrain from using more than 4 ounces of white whole wheat flour. 

My new ghost stencil. What do you think?

These breads mix for three minutes on first and second speed and is then covered in a bowl for 60 minutes and allowed to bulk-ferment. The loaf is then shaped into boules and risen in floured brotforms for sixty minutes. It is then baked at 460 for twenty minutes and then finished in a 440 degree oven until it is aromatic, crusty and simply beautiful!

A glance ahead: The next three months, or so, will be packed with the following Rye breads. Hopefully in this order:

  1. Whole Rye and Whole Wheat Bread
  2. Light Rye Bread
  3. Sourdough Rye with Walnuts
  4. Three-stage 90% sourdough Rye Bread
  5. Three stage 80% sourdough Rye Bread
  6. Three stage 70% sourdough Rye Bread
  7. Sourdough Rye with Raisin and Walnuts
  8. 66 Percent Sourdough Rye
  9. Flaxseed Bread
  10. 80% Sourdough Rye with Rye Flour Soaker
  11. 70% Sourdough Rye with a Rye Soaker and Whole Wheat Flour
  12. Vollkornbrot
  13. Vollkornbrot with Flaxseeds
  14. Black Bread
  15. Five Grain Sourdough with Rye Sourdough
  16. Sunflower Seed with Rye Sourdough
  17. Horst Bandel's Black Pumpernickel 

Bake On!
-DW, The Rye King


  1. Looks nice dave! How's the crumb look? - (marciani)

    1. Dan, I can not remember exactly; but this is one of the best bread formulas for Rye I have ever used. I strongly recommend you try it.