Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Duane "SKYDOG" Allman

I could spend the next twenty minutes composing a short piece on Duane Allman, one of the greatest guitar players to ever play the instrument or I could provide you with the following link to an incredible article which highlights in life and his pursuit of soul (not that he did not of plenty in stock when he started to play).

I really think all of these pieces to him justice, take the time to really listen to all the audio clips. Play it loud, and remember one of the innovators. How about that solo at the end of "Hey Jude"! Righteous! And one of my favorite songs by the Allman Brothers "Little Martha" and Amazing Grace is so beautiful  He had a styleand a touch that can not be touched, an understand; his playing is bliss!

The Life of a Blues Man

One more little nuance is that my mothers maiden name is Alman, but I guess we are still one "L" short of a happy meal!

Just listening to these old songs bring memories of coming home from highschool grabbing my book bag and pen grabbing a snack running down stares and starting up my dad's old turntable and stereo and grooving to some Old Rock and Roll Tunes!! Enjoy!

and......Play on Brother! Play on!

-DW, The Rye King

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