Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Light Caraway Rye

This is the third rye bread from Hamelman's Rye chapter, and to be honest, it is leaving me with one last request: "MORE RYE". This is traditional New York Jewish Style Rye, but it is leaving me asking for more! I want More sourness, More chewiness, even More caraway. I am partial to the heavy breads, partly because I love to chew, and partly because I am very health-focused. This bread really does not do much for me, but I will post on it just the same.

I have to be honest here. I am struggling with the idea that I have to talk to you about a mediocre bread. Well, here goes: The sourdough build is rather small. This bread contains only 15% of final flour weight and contains all of the rye flour. This formula actually calls for medium rye, but states that whole rye can be used for a more intense rye flavor. Well, that is what I did. However, I still feel that there is not enough rye flavor. This might be because I could only allow the build to mingle for 11 hours because I totally forgot to prepare the build the night before. Luckily it was day we turned the clocks back, so it gave me an extra hour.  It probably helped a little, but not enough.

The dough seemed like it had a little too much yeast. This is a lighter bread, and I do not bake light breads very often. My next project will incorporate breads with larger preferments and lighter loaves. This is something that I have not done recently, and it will be a good opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone. 

Anyways, this bread rises for one hour, is then shaped oblong, and is proofed for fifty minutes. It is then baked with steam for twenty minutes at 440 the finished at 420 for about an additional twenty minutes. The results, as I mentioned above, were less than remarkable. That being said, I made it in my oven so I am sharing it with all of you.

We will have better luck on our next bread, which actually is a special request from my friend Uriya for his bread class. He has been raving to his chef about my bread and want his classmates to see that you CAN make artisan bread in the home oven!

Bake On
-DW, The Rye King


  1. It does look good. I happen to like the lighter rye breads myself.

    1. You know this already but I love the heavy ones, but I respect the lighter ones as well. Have you tried making Rye bread but with a wheat levain, that can also make a very nice loaf.