Thursday, November 28, 2013

Roggen Sauerteigbrot mit goldenen Leinsamen

I have baked sourdough rye flax seed breads in the past, but I have never baked one as tasty as this. Replacing medium rye flour with whole rye flour and increasing the percentage of bread flour to compensate for the use of whole rye flour in this bread make a noticeable difference in the texture of the crumb and flavor of this bread. I used golden flax seeds in this bread, which make the seeds seem more hidden from the eye, while still providing that amazing toasted nutty flavor. Flax seeds also provide an almost healthy taste, but in only a good way. Not in a over cooked tofu sort of way but rather in an earthy and wholesome way. 

40% of the flour in this bread is prefermented in the rye sourdough build, all of which comes from whole rye flour. The build is hydrated at 80%. I am finding that the rye breads that I love most are hydrated at 80, 83-84, or 100 percent. This recipe initially called for 60% medium rye flour and 40% bread flour, but I prepared this bread with 50% rye flour and 50% bread flour. This change of only 4% made a huge difference in this final texture of this bread. It is amazing how only a 10% change in the flour ratio can affect the final product. I found that the reduction in the overall percentage of the rye flour allowed the the flax seeds to play a larger roll in this bread. Typically, I prefer breads where the rye flour is the main contribution of flavor, but it is nice every once in a while to bake a different kind of bread. A lighter or softer bread. I think sometime I make this bread I am going to try prefermenting all of the rye flour into the build, and then adjusting the hydration of the final mix, to maintain the same overall hydration (75%), which works perfectly for this particular bread. 

I know that many bakers include the flax seeds and the additional water needed to soak them in with the sourdough build, but I like to keep them separate. I like the rye flour is not infused with the flax flavor but rather they are two separate components. It also always amazing to me, how much water the flax seeds can absorb, as you can see from this picture, of the dough right before the mix. This bread has a ton of seeds, but it still is not over powering, the rye flavor is still very present. In general, soakers such as this flax seed soaker also help to improve the breads keeping quality, because rather than having free water in the dough, the water is contained by the seeds; it is bound. 

The mixing is simple three minutes on first speed, three minutes on second speed. Moderate gluten development from the bread flour. It ferments for 50 minutes. Proofs for 50 minutes and bakes for 40-50 minutes. A really simple bread to make as long as you put ample time in to the sourdough build and obey the proper temperature requirements. 

I once again utilized my brotforms for this traditional german bread. I also want to mention that I am going to be making authentic pumpernickel bread with Alex next week and I will be using this bread in the "Olde Bread Soaker", which will contribute a nice rye flavor. This is a great sandwich bread, its a great bread for toast, jam, butter. Its a great bread for pretty much anything. 

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