Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pain d'Epices (Rye Spice Bread)

Those of you who have been following my blog for any period of time will have heard me refer to "Misky" many times. Misky is Richard Miscovich whom I have often referred to as my mentor in the bread-making world. He was one of my teachers at Johnson and Wales and he is a dear friend. I am pleased to announce that Misky, Richard Miscovich has a new book out and it is called From The Wood Fired Oven. The book obviously has a focus on cooking with fire, but in reality, the book leaves no bread topic unmentioned, plus Misky has a way with words. Everything he touches turns to gold. In 2008 I was blessed with the opportunity to take a 12 week intensive artisan bread baking course that he offered at Johnson & Wales University. My life has never been the same. My plan is to write a full review of his book once I have baked my way through the formulas in his book (that do not require a wood fired oven). 

Today's entry is my very first bread from Misky's new book. 

This bread is actually a Roggen vollkornbrot (100% Whole grain Rye bread). But get this; its a quick bread. I know, crazy, but it's true and it is a love song. The whole way through this recipe, from the zesting of the citrus to the grinding of the seeds, to the tempering of the milk and yolks.... this bread shines (and not just because of the use of 704g of honey). 

This bread starts off with the zest of two oranges and two lemons which is then heated in milk. Then honey is whisked into this mixture until a uniform texture is achieved. About 1/2 cup of this mixture is then added to three egg yolks which is whisked until the yolks are warmed. The yolk mixture is then added back into the milk mixture. This keeps the yolks from cooking in the hot liquid mixture, which, by the way, smells absolutely wonderful.

A mixture of freshly ground coriander, anise seed, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg are then added to the whole rye flour. Baking soda is used as leavening for this bread. One important note is that baking soda is activated by acidity and not by heat, so once the dry and liquid ingredients are mixed you have to quickly get this bread into pans and into the oven.

This bread bakes quickly, especially since I made six small loaves to give as holiday gifts to my co-workers. Within 24 hours of giving them away I had some wonderful feedback. It is always a pleasure to give gifts to those whom we hold dear and near, especially to those people who have great impacts on us in ways that they do not even realize. This is what the holiday season is all about, those who matter!

Bake on and Carry on
Happy Holdays

-DW, The Rye King


  1. Nice! A quick bread with rye! I think I did some rye muffins once. Really good. I must try this!

    1. Karen, this is a lovely recipe. It is posted on the artisan bread facebook page. Give it a whirl! Great for holiday gifts!

  2. In what you bake so much? In regular oven?