Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sourdough Whole Wheat with Dark Chocolate, Cranberries and Pistachios

I am proud to say that this is a hearthbakedtunes original, and what a bread it is. I got this idea from these little dark chocolate morsels they have been carrying in the cafeteria at work, and I must say I put them to might good use in this creation. The richness of the dark chocolate the salty-nuttiness of pistachios and the sweet-tartness of cranberries. A moist but tight crumb, a subtle tart flavor. This is a going to be going in my future bread book. The only thing it needs is a touch of Rye, as that is my focus!

This bread is 73% hydrated and contains a poolish like levain build which contains white whole wheat flour. Any whole wheat flour will do. The build is meant to go 10-12 hours but I fudged this up, my sister and her boyfriend Darren were in town for a surprise visit, and I forget to prepare the build at 6 am, I had everything all weighed out and ready to go, and still i bumbled it up. And of course I did not realize this until 11 am at the hospital. I picked up my cell and gave Kelly a call! "Quick, bread emergency,take the flour and water on the counter mix it with 1.5 ounces of levain and stir it up with a pinch of yeast and throw that on the water heater." Had I not forgot, I think the bread would have been a touch more sour, but it all worked out in the end. I will be making this bread again soon. A bread associate of mine recommended a honey, flax, dark chocolate and candied orange which would also be great, the future hold countless crust and crumb potential.

The bread is quite simple. autolyse all of the flour without the levain for 25 minutes, and then the levain build is added with the salt ( I added a pinch of yeast because of my thoughtlessness, but assuming you are not a bumbling tired hooligan you don't knead it.) The bread then mixes on first speed for three minutes and two to three minutes on second speed. The dough has a two and a half hour bulk fermentation with two folds and 50 minute intervals. The bread is then scaled and pre-shaped into rounds. It rests for twenty minutes and then is shaped into 16 oz batards. Which are dusted with flour and then proofed in brotforms or couches seam side up for 60-90 minutes. The bread is then slashed four times and baked with normal steam for about 40-45 minutes. Watch closely because the chocolate and cranberries and some serious browning potential. 

The bread is a winner, I mean its GOOD! Great crust! I also want to share that I have fixed my steam predicament. My oven has a steam vent in one of the burners. So now I place my kitchen-aid mixing bowl upside down over the burner and steam stays in the oven. My last to crusts have been wonderful. Staying crisp and it is improving the shelf life of my breads. Still sliceable after five days. I also like this small loaf size. I can fit three on the stone and its more manageable to eat with just two people.

Stay tuned for more exciting original loaves!

Bake On
-DW, The Rye King

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