Friday, March 14, 2014

75% Hydrated Pain au Levain, with Rye Flour

A 3.2 lb; 1.5 Kg Rye Levain Monster
This is a funny little (poetic justice used) bread that I came up with on the fly. I wanted to make another 75% hydrated pain au levain, but I wanted some Rye in it. This bread is 50% whole grain with 25% of total flour coming from white whole wheat flour and 25% of total flour coming from whole rye flour. 

The starter for this loaf was fed with bread flour, and I used Jack Straw, my white whole wheat starter, which provides a nice medium sourness. It adds a little more "tang" than bread flour but a bit less so than my previous red wheat starter. I placed the starter on my water heater for about 7 hours and then I let it sit at room temperature (55 degrees) for another 2 hours. 

Some elegant but strong brotform lines

The autolyse for this bread is quite simple. It contains all of the wheat flour and rye flour and bread flour and water. The levain build and salt are added thirty minutes later. Generally speaking, the mix was very easy and uncomplicated. I mixed for three minutes on first speed and then three minutes on second speed. It did get a little complicated when my Kitchen-Aid mixer decided to bite the dust, fly the coop, crapped-out. (you get the picture). Hearthbakedtunes bids a fond farewell to our 6 quart friend. My Kitchen Aid has been an important part of my life, but life goes on.  So for now, I am beginning a new "movement": hand kneaded bread. This requires some strength and a lot of force, but I am excited about it. Now that my Kitchen-Aid is out of the commission, the biggest challenge is that i can no longer mill.  So now I am thinking that I will be getting a mill and making my breads by hand. It will be fun and it will get me closer to the process, which is great! Plus, both Forkish's and Robertson's books require mixing and kneading breads by hand. Bring on the challenge. 

I gave this bread four solid folds. If rye had not been included, only three would have been kneaded. Since I did the kneading by hand, I decided that an additional fold was warranted.

I did one other unusual thing with this bread. Instead of baking two loaves, I decided to bake only one. It was a risk worth taking. After baking, I had myself a rye monster, that weighed in at 3.2 lbs. WOW! 

Dabbling with my coined term 'the unscore' letting it burst where it must

I was very pleased with how the combo cooker performed! It really makes a nice bread! And such great brotform rings! 

Another winning hearthbakedtunes formula! It will definitely go in my book down the road.

Bake On!
-DW, The Rye King

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