Thursday, July 3, 2014

75% Whole Wheat 80% Hydrated with Photos

As promised, here is the 80% hydrated 75% whole wheat levain that I made last week. This time I was able to get some good photos. Hands down, this is my favorite bread right now! I made an 83% hydrated with 75% whole wheat this week, but I am afraid I have to fit in one or two more folds. I had a hard time getting it off the couch and into the combo cooker.

The 80% hydrated loaf has a moist and tender crumb with a nice chew. The crust is dark and crisp and the flavor is right on the money. It's not too heavy and has a good sour flavor! I think that I hit the jackpot with this formula! I think that I am in love with it so much that I will share it with all of you. Before I share it though, I would like to give a trial run on an 81% hydrated and possibly a 79% hydrated to make sure that I have this dough exactly where I want it before I go public with it. It really is amazing what a very small change in hydration can do to a loaf. When you increase the bread by 3% water, you get a completely different loaf, with a different texture and a totally different flavor. 

I have to send a shout out to Anita, my good pharmacy friend at work. She has been talking up my bread in the pharmacy and has gotten me two more bread buyers! I love making bread friends, it's the best!

Bake on!

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