Wednesday, August 27, 2014

4 Hour PIzza dough, MIller Style

I am finally back in commission as a home miller. My new Jupiter milling motor arrived last friday, only for me to find out that my milling head which connected to my kitchaid did not fit, so I had another piece shipped, and now I can mill. I have to say now with the non kitchen aid attachment, I can mill much more efficiently. I was able to mill about ten pounds of grain in no time at all. 

Over the weekend I made a whole wheat and rye brain with pecans, but it is not ready to be posted. It needs a few changes before I am willing to publish the crumb, which came out a bit tight, but absolutely full of flavor. Everyone leans on walnuts with raisins , but I like pecans for a different twist on a classic flavor combination. 

Anyways, so Miscovich has a great four hour pizza dough, which is made with an autolyse and no preferment. The dough is so easy to work with an prepare but is made with 100% bread flour, which is a cross I am not able to bear as a dietitian, unless it is very seldom, but since I eat pizza regularly with Kelly, I made a few adaptations. This time around 42 percent of the grain with whole grain flour; 6% Rye and 36% White Whole Wheat Flour. I also increased the autolyse from 20-30 minutes to three hours. I guess I just got excited about it and just let it go while I was at the doctors trying to figure out a remedy for my reactive airway condition (bronchospasm), which has been plaguing my pulmonary tract for the past two weeks. 

While kneading this dough I could tell that the autolyse was extended because the dough was very soft for a bread that was nearly 50% percent whole grain, especailly since it was home ground flour and a bit on the courser side (which is the way I like it). The kneading was very quick, I probably only kneaded the dough for about three minutes. The other wonderful thing about this dough is that it requires no folds, just a very long bulk fermentation. After five hours I decided I divided the dough and froze seven of the nine portions, but the other two I let sit at room temperature till it was pizza time. I made two pizzas with a new cheese combination I am pumped about. Smoked Applewood Cheddar and part skim mozerella. About five parts mozzerella and one part smoked cheddar. The smokyness shines through and goes fantastic with my usual, roasted mushrooms and raw onion topping. 

Two of the best pizzas I have eaten and or made in a long time! A perfect end to a good and relaxing day off! 

Now its time to close out the day with some Live Grateful Dead! 

I also wanted to let everyone know to check out my friend Yairs new book, Unraveling the Umami Taste, its available on amazon and the intro is by your truly! I will post more on the book in the coming weeks. It is a fantastic cook book! I learned so much working on the book with Yair! See the side projects tab for more links! Also like Unraveling the Umami Taste on Facebook, Yair is posing nice articles and tips

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