Monday, January 19, 2015

Brimfield Bread

Finally, I have made it back to Massachusetts! And I hope it is for good this time, I grew up here and I want to raise my family in this area. Right now we are living with Kelly's Mom Carla and Step Father Gerry and a bunch of step kids a husky and of course our cat Lilly. 

This is the first bread that I have utilized the ambient proofing temperatures of a woods stove and it brought wonderful results. This is also the first time I have used well water, which also worked very well in this bread. Since the inhabitants of  Brookfield Road prefer lighter breads with more white flour I met them in the middle and made a 75% hydrated 50% whole grain bread. Kelly step brother has reported previosuly that my breads are to dense....This formula is adapted from Richard Miscovich's 75% hydrated Pain au Levain, I only increased the whole grain from 25% to 50%.

What I enjoyed the most about baking this bread was explaining some of the steps to Gerry while I was performing them and also getting the chance to watch the Boston Celtics Route the Los Angelos Lakers. This baked was once again baked in Lodge Combo Cookers, I used a 3qt with a handle and my 5qt (no handle). I actually forgot to preheat the dutchovens in the oven while it was coming to temperature so I let the cookers heat in the oven for only ten minutes and I was greatly surprised by the resulting crust. I also used a gas oven for the first time and was pleased with this awesome crust that was formed!

I was very pleased with this dough throughout the fermentation process. The dough was smooth and supple and easy to work with. The four folds gave it great structure, but not to much gluten. The dough fermented and proofed in front of the wood stove and really shortened the process by about 30 minutes. Which did help me to get to bed on time. Since I am going to be driving quite a bit for my new job which I start on the 8th, that time cut will enable me to bake while driving home, or at least on weekends when I have the time. Bread, especially good bread is not something I am willing to live without! 

I am excited to see how my starter responds to a new yeast strain, and then changes again with out more permanent move! 

More to Come 

-DW, The Rye King

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