Monday, January 19, 2015

Vollkornbrot with Hemp Seeds

I have been baking lately, but on limited free time, and its has been tricky to find the time to post, but today I can during lunch and I am feeling inspired after eating a open faced smoked turkey sandwich over a thick slice of vollkornbrot with hemp seeds. I love the texture of this bread, it requires very little kneading, it is so hearty and full of whole grain goodness. The one thing this bread does require is an ample amount of rye berries and a hell of a lot of patience, which is something I rarely have (patience I mean, I always have tons of rye berries.) This bread is something that is worth waiting for.

I normally bake all of my very high percentage rye breads in a Pullman pan, but with moving and having most of my things in storage, I have no idea where it is, so I went with one loaf free formed and proofed in a linen lined brotform and the other was baked in a glass pyrex 8 inch loaf pan.

This bread has a quite a bit of its flour weight coming from rye chops, which gives it a unique texture and mouth feel. Smooth but with an almost earthy grittiness, which I love in sandwiches, especially open faced sandwiches. The other wonderful thing about these high percentage rye breads is there shelf life, especially when they are prepared with a rye mother. This one was prepared with a typical wheat liquid levain, and it is a bit less sour that the all rye verities, the acidity is notably different, but I feel it allows for more of the hemp seed flavor to come through. I do not yet have a rye starter going, I know it will be on of my first goals after finding a place of my own. Right now, I am living with Kelly's parents and baking has taken up the back burner. I miss it a lot, but I do bake when I can.

This formula came from Jeffrey Hamelman's book bread, and it is probably my favorite formula in his book (my favorite heavily whole grain formula anyways). Its a Rye King thing; its hard to explain! I keep coming back to this loaf, its simplicity allures me.

Kelly and I are on the apartment search, and there have been some road blocks, but I am excited to find the right place and get my kitchen all set up. I am excited to have a new levain strain, and I am excited to re-acquire my crown.

Stay well and stay warm!
More to come soon

-DW, The Rye King

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