Friday, February 13, 2015

Rustic Loaf with Sharp White Cheddar and Swiss

Here is how this loaf was conceived:
Mom: Do you live near a Shaw's
Me: Yeah, why?
Mom: They have all of their hard and shredded cheeses on sale this week for 1.77
Me: Really?.....CHEESE BREAD!

Kind of funny how inspiring on sale cheese can be for a baker. I made sure to put at least 30% of cheese in the bread. I wanted a molten crust and a gooey cheesy crumb. To be honest where I am living right now, most of the inhabitants are not whole grain kind of people, and after a long week at work, I wanted a whiter bread, and one with loads of cheese. I framed this bread after a 75% bread flour and 25% whole grain flour blend and ended up with 10% whole wheat, 15% rye and 75% bread flour. I initially was going to use whole wheat, but I did not have enough and I was glad, rye added a really nice addition to this bread. It added this sourness, that I would not have been able to achieve since I totally killed my sourdough starter on the wood stove. I was pretty upset about it, but life moves on, and I can build another one. 

Exciting news for this week is that we have found a place to live, an apartment we really wanted. And I am excited to have my own kitchen again, it has not been as easy to cook, I am of course baking as much as I can, but not as often as I would like. I have not yet brought any baked goods into work lately, which is weird. But soon that will change, soon I should be able to bake once a week without a problem, keep my stone in my oven and just eat more bread. Always great to be around family, but also wonderful to have your own home and place to call your own. I miss 'The Digs'.

Cheese bread has always been one of my favorite loaves to bake, just recently my friend and I were talking about making a Miche with tons of Gruyere. I think that it would be good, but my preference would be for cheddar or a really strong Dutch or German cheese. The other bread I like to bake is a mustard bread made with sharp cheese. The combination of these two flavors; sharp mustard and sharp cheese is incredible. 

Back to the bread at hand, I decided to make this loaf huge and off course since my starter was out of commission I did include some active dry yeast, a pinch in the starter and 4 g in the final dough, and what oven spring this bread had. It boomed in that 5 quart Dutch oven. I think I would have gotten a more open crumb if I scored the dough, but I wanted that ripped appearance, that really rustic look.

This bread was great and I would like to make it sourdough and see if I like it even more. And next time with just straight cheddar maybe a hint of rosemary.

I failed to a get a picture, and since composing this post I have re-built a starter which will go into action this weekend. Something with Rye, something hearty and wholesome is my plan!

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