Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rustic Bread with Rye

Well this is a bread that I am baking with Kelly's step brother in mind, he is graduating high school and he is always complaining that my bread is too grainy and healthy, so I thought I would settle with 20% whole grain, coming from rye, 50% preferment flour in the form of pate fermente and a full bake. As the bread is in the oven I can not report on the finished product, but I always spend much more time on the process anyways.

Pate fermente means old dough, often times one would simply use yesterdays dough in todays bread but since I am not running on a commercial level, I prepared my own. It was 100% bread flour, 60% water, 1.8% salt and 0.5% yeast. I allowed it to sit on my counter for 8 hours and It lived in the fridge for the last few hours because it was moving very quickly. After scaling the ingredients for the final mix, I combine the flour salt and water and a few chunks of the pate fermente (about 1 inch cubes) and start to knead for 30 seconds, then add a few more chunks. I follow this process until all of the pate ferment is in the dough and I kneed until smooth and all incorporated. This bread has a large amount of prefermented flour and also has a pretty long bulk fermentation over two hours for a yeasted bread, its also has a short proofing time 1.25 hours. I like when my breads are front loaded, I find it easier to manage, I tend to spend more time paying attention to the baking of the loaves, which is a bit more difficult as my oven has no window and also I am using two dutch ovens one 3 Qt and one 5 Qt. I have made several changes since my last bake, moving the oven rack up and using a non-preheated dutch oven, and I am hoping these do not burn.

The final dough is 20% whole rye, and its a puffy one to work with, between a very high amount of pre-fermented flour and the yeast and a lot of white flour. I just opened my first DO, and this bread is huge, I need to work on my shaping quite a bit. It is really a good thing I prefer to bake whole grain breads. Practice, Practice, Practice! I will have to start making a bread like this at least one per month so that I can hone my skills on the bench, because they have gone slack with lack of use. Well it will taste good anyways!

Bake On

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