Thursday, November 12, 2015

Some Love from the Mr. and Mrs.

It has been a darn long time since I have been able to just take a moment to sit down and write. I can not believe that my wedding was nearly a month ago, how time flies. Its funny, ever since I realized that the oven in my apartment is an absolute piece of shit, I have not been writing. I used to always find time to blog, no matter how busy I was, but it has escaped me lately. I have to tell you, people always tell you" Planning a wedding is maddening" but you always think you will be different you will plan ahead, and it will be smooth sailing....Guess again buddy!! You will do your very best and it will come down to the line! But in the end every detail was worth it from the Ketubah to the food to the speeches to the weather. As my future wife came walking down the grass aisle to the Chuppah it started to flurry, I had my little snow globe queen!!

Let me explain to you just how much I miss baking, this is a conversation I just had with my wife the other night

Wife: 'Honey, I am going to be home late, and I need to make a treat for the staff meeting tomorrow'
Husband: 'I'll make pumpkin muffins as soon as I get home'
Wife: 'Really'
Husband: 'Yes, that is how much I miss baking, I do not even like making muffins, what has gotten over me' 

I literally never make quick breads, they just don't touch the amount of satisfaction that I get from making and baking hearth bread. Actually this weekend I was planning on baking a sourdough bread, a 56% whole rye and I went to grind some rye flour and all of my grain was covered in grain bugs, I was upset, I gave up for the day on the idea of baking. I literally had nothing to bake with, what choice did I have. Even though my oven is pretty much useless for bread I still feed my starter every week and it continues to thrive. The closest I can come to baking bread these days is making pizza, which I actually made for the first time since my best man Isaac was in town a few months ago. It felt great to throw something on the stone.

I have also been cooking more interesting food of late, my coworkers have been talking about recipes and it really has motivated me to make some new things. I have a swedish split pea soup on the stove right now, which is spiced with thyme and marjoram and is finished with a bit of dijon mustard, something I have never made before. The plan is to make an Apricot Chickpea Soup later this week with quinoa, tomatoes and cumin. I came across 6-7 recipes in a nutritional magazine that just look fantastic. I always like to see what other dietitians are cooking for their spouses and families. The other thing I have been doing recently is making fresh fish, I do not know why, maybe it was the cost but I have not been making salmon, and again after a conversation at work I came to the realization that i could make two meals for two people with about 8-10 dollars worth of fresh fish and since then I have been making it about once per week. Kelly loves the stuff!! I am excited to be cooking again and soon I will be baking again, I still need to figure out how to coerce my oven into submission.

Once we have our photos from the photographer I will publish a post with my favorites, but I leave you with a great picture from a friend, walking into Yichud as husband and wife. It was so good to see old friends, going all the way back to my elementary school days and having my friends all meet each other and answer "how do you know dave" what fun!!

As Always, Bake On!


  1. BAKE ON Dave & Kelly!

  2. Love the wedding photo David. Such happiness! You deserve it.